We made luxury clothing . Affordable.

Anchal Gupta


β€œSupporting Artisans and taking Chikankari worldwide

It was too difficult to find luxury clothing in Chikankari Embroidery 5 years back. Accessibility was a big problem and even you get it you have to pay a hefty sum. Our Mission with Dress365days is to make it affordable for all the connoisseurs of Chikankari.

Our Story

Our goal is to support our community of artisans by giving visibility of their hand crafted textiles on Dress365days, and helping them with increased marketing, operations and logistics through our platform.The hand made clothing  created by highly skilled artisans is 200 years old and unique in the world.

Chikankari Products
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Working for Customers and Our Artisans

Our Soul purpose of existence to serve the society by helping our artisans working across workshops and facilities. This can be possible through our customers by providing them the best and unique experience during the buying journey of their entire pre and post purchase cycle.