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Lucknow Chikankari Suits comes in multiple types of fabrics and different kinds of embroidery. Here is the list of Chikankari suits based on Fabrics 

Pure Georgette Chikankari Suits : The chikankari embroidery is done on 60gms Pure Georgette fabrics . The Pure Georgette Suits are best in class and of export quality.

Organza Chikankari Suits : The organza used here is of 2 types - one is synthetic and other is pure organza.

Below are Chikankari Suits based on Embellishments:

Chikankari with Mukaish , Kamadani or Badla work : These suits are embellished with either golden or silver wire work . I can be with or without chikankari works.

Chikankari with Gotapatti work : Chikan suits are also come with gotapatti work.

Chikankari with Pearl : Pearl is one of the ways to further enhance the beauty of chikankari work . These suits are either with pearl alone or any kind of combinations - chikankari + gota / mukaish + pearl.

Chikankari with Mirror : Mirror makes chikankari embroidered apparel look much more like wedding / Bridal wear.